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I’m a Christian homeschooling mama, living in southern Ontario, Canada.  We live at the edge of two cities, rather lost along a magical road mimicking country.  A true gift of a place.  The closeness of all necessities and yet the daily spotting of deer and wild turkeys.  Who’d have thought?!

Though I’m Canadian at heart, I was born in Northern Ireland, emigrating to Canada with my parents and siblings when I was three years old.  In 2007, my husband and I ventured down south to middle TN, with four children in tow,  where we resided for 6 years, getting “acclimated” as all you Americans like to say, to the burning-from-the-inside-out heat waves of the south.  All the same, so much of my heart was left behind, as the song goes–but with a twist–“in Nashville.”  And thus the reason for this blog:  to continue to connect with “y’all.”  But also, on a wider spectrum, to connect with friends far and wide around the world, and right here in the farther reaches of the great province of Ontario.  And for the visitors stopping by, don’t be shy, say “hi.”  Would love to welcome you to the snippets of life in this neck of the woods.

You’ll find anything from daily pics of an outing we’ve been on (since the kiddos are re-discovering their “home and native land”), maybe the latest recipe we’ve been making/baking, the occasional idea for your homeschool life and education, right down to varied pics of our past homeschool life down south (just for fun, and a trip down memory lane.)

Come along, relax, and enjoy a bit of life in the great white north with me.  Don’t forget your cup o’ tea.  You’ll most likely see a lot of that going on in the abode.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I wasn’t able to comment on your latest post for some reason but seem to be able to leave a comment here. I love the backpacks you got and I’m sure the kids are delighted with them. Orange flavoured chocolate is probably my favourite. Or maybe coffee flavoured. It’s a close call.


    • Coffee flavoured…oooh, this sounds good. I must look for it. The kids all seem very pleased with their backpacks, and I’ve already been scolded for “borrowing” one once. I’m finding myself behind on posts of late just due to school and such things. I promise to get back to it soon…thinking today…very behind on Monday Makes. Thanks for reading!


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