Farewell from our neck of the woods


It’s been two years since I decided to try my hand and heart in the blogging world, and for two years I’ve fully enjoyed creating pictorial windows into our world and the goings-on in our corner of homeschooling, vacationing, and daily life.

But I’m feeling the pull towards breaking for a bit, and since renewal expires in 3 days for my blog, and there are so many other things more worth pouring the moola into, it seems the opportune time to say good-bye.  I have so thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many others in this neat network of thoughts and ideas and personal experiences, and hope to continue to follow some of my favourite bloggers out there.

There are a few homeschool bloggers who are still in the very young years with their dear ones, and I seem to have this pull towards their sites despite being out of those years now. I think it’s that sentimental connection of what it was like to raise littles. Now that I’ve a young adult, twin teens, and a tween-y, I look back and wonder where on earth the time went in those precious young years?

And maybe I’ll re-appear on a free wordpress blogging site at some point to re-capture those good ol’ days and what it meant to me to educate and grow together at home.

For now, we say good-bye from our house to yours, and thank each and every reader who has spent time peeking into our journey the last two years. I only wish I’d started sooner when I realized how much fun blogging was.

We will make the most of autumn, and enjoy friends, family, and continued education at home, and of course drink gallons of tea and consume plenty of scones and jam.

And because I never did finish all my posts on our American visitors, I will add some remaining pics here as the grand finale to the wonderful time we had with the girls this summer.  Niagara-on-the-Lake, The Niagara Gorge, The Welland Canal Locks, a walk in the woods in period piece dresses, were all part and parcel of the last days of vacation together.  We continue to hold fond memories of those fun and very full two weeks together!


And to finish off here, I’d like to finish well.  So it’s my desire to redirect any or all of you to some meaningful links of my favourite bloggers since I’ve found fun, encouragement, wisdom, knowledge, and endearing folks along the way in all of them.

  1.  Small Things–Ginny, Catholic homeschooling mother of 8, and all time favourite blogger of mine! You will not find real life more exposed than here in her heart-warming journey.  I am inspired by her ability to weave in life skills, education, hours in the outdoors, dyeing and selling yarn, and still have her wits about her.
  2.  Angelicscalliwags–Claire, a highly caffeineated British homeschooling mother of 5, who I cannot say enough about how intentional and enthusiastic and driven this woman is toward educating her children in the direction of their passions, all the while nurturing spiritual truths and comfort into their lives.  She truly is a gifted educator, mother, wife, and communicator.
  3. My Peace in the Puzzle–Charlotte Mason homeschool educator on the east coast of Canada with four young ones in her home.  This is a home I resonate with, being a huge Charlotte Mason fan myself.  I love hearing about the books they read and the nature walks they take, and seeing their nature journals and art projects.  This is a blog that makes my heart swell and remember the days… It’s lovely and calming and full of peacefulness and much contentment and gratitude.  Just what we’re supposed to be doing in seizing every moment of our days.
  4. Scotland With the Wee White Dug:  This is my favourite travel blog.  Since the day I got married, I have had it in my head I’m going to Scotland for my 25th wedding anniversary.  Well…that’s only a year and a half away now…and I highly doubt it’ll happen, but I’ve at least got this grand Scottish traveller who I can live vicariously through her treks around her country with her gorgeous “wee white dug.”  It’s creative and funny and full of I wanna  be there photos.
  5. Church4EveryChild/NotAlone:  The first one listed, being part of Key Ministries by psychiatrist, Steve Grcevich, with articles that reach out to minister to families with “hidden disabilities.”  Their hope is to “serve churches seeking to become more intentional and effective with children and teens impacted by mental illness, trauma, and developmental disabilities and their families.”  Not Alone is an affiliate site where those walking the disability journey can find “Faith and Friendship for the Special Needs Journey.”  Highly recommended sites.  It’s a longing of mine for the church to be educated properly and fully in the area of mental health issues.


We have so much to be grateful for on our journey, despite the ups and downs we’ve encountered over the past few years.  And y’all have been very much a part of encouraging me along in my corner of the world. I thank you, again, for being part of our lives for these two years, and wish everyone well as you walk your own journey.


**Note: I may find my voice in another form and join y’all in the blogging world again at some point, so if any of you would like to be on a list just in case I do, drop me a line in the next three days before the blog, poof, disappears, and I’ve no access any longer. I will keep a list and inform you if I decide to start up again.  Many thanks for your readership. **

12 thoughts on “Farewell from our neck of the woods

  1. What a lovely farewell, Northern Homeschool Mama. I’m sad about your departure from blogging. I understand, though, that sometimes just living in the ‘now’ must be chosen without the additional task of recording it via journaling and photos. Thank you for enriching our families while sharing yours.


  2. Oh, Barbara!! I’m sad about this!! You must join fb, so we can at least still see pix of your tribe!!! You are such a thoughtful and eloquent mama. I love you! And I’m not as far away from you as I write this, b/C I’m visiting Ohio!!! So wish I could get a little further north. Next time….!!!!


  3. Oh, I will so miss reading your posts! I love seeing your journey unfold as you are a few years ahead of me. Please, by all means, add me to your mailing list if ever you blog elsewhere! (mypeaceinthepuzzle@gmail.com)


  4. Sorry to hear you’re giving up blogging for now. The Wee White Dug and I hope to see you back again in the not too distant future. We also hope you make it to our beautiful country for your 25th wedding anniversary. Take care and thanks for your lovely words about ‘Scotland
    With the Wee White Dug.’


  5. It’s a decision I understand all too well – blogging does take up so much time! Thank you for being such a faithful comment-or on my own blog. The blogs you listed sound wonderful (well, I know Ginny’s), I’ll check them out. Here’s to a lovely time out in the real world!


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