Ontario Tourism, Day 6: Royal Botanical Gardens



Day six of the itinerary with our American company had us visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens in the city of Hamilton, Ontario.  The RBG is the largest of it’s kind in Canada with 2450 acres of nature sanctuaries.  Their mandate as they say on their main page is to “bring together people, plants, and nature.”


We had a lovely stroll through the main centre gardens in the morning hours before the full heat of the day, enjoying the last of the roses in bloom.  I don’t remember looking at the name of these climbing roses but they look like American Pillar Roses. Am I right anyone?


Black-eyed Susan’s are one of my favourites in a garden plot so I had to take a pic up close here.


And I found an opportunity to snap a pic of my boy resting at the fountain, unbeknownst to him.


We had a lovely stroll through the main centre building, complete with one of my favourite gift shops where the girls found good Canadian mugs to purchase as a souvenir, while I found myself breaking a good Canadian mug instead.  Granted, it was hanging off the edge grazing the rotating stand of tea towels I was looking through.


From there we headed to the newly opened Rock Garden Centre, another garden of the RBG just down the road.  These gardens are just gorgeous.  I loved all the little rock avenues and stairs to climb up and down and wind through.  While those are my favourite parts about garden centres like this, full of rock, it’s limited for those with physical disabilities to enjoy quite the same views by taking these stairways and paths.

There is, however, an accessible walkway around the peripheral to either reach the look-out, glassed in area, or in the other direction, reaching the lower gardens via a wide side walk and gentle, smooth incline.


Lavender is among my top picks for garden herbal plants.  We had a friend down south throw a lavender tea party for my eldest when she turned fourteen.  And I believe it was this friend who we shared our large lavender plant with before moving home to Canada.   I’m sure it’s thriving way better on their property than it did on ours, they being the ultimate green thumb family.

I still get confused over French lavandin and English lavender so I have visited Weir Lavender Farm website a few times to re-learn the facts.  But, not having written down (or remembered) what I was actually taking a picture of here, I still can’t tell you which one this is below!


I did manage to get the name in the photo for this gorgeous plant that I breathtakingly sucked in lots of air over it’s beauty, and fully intend to find this for my own rock garden for next year.  Having looked it up online I’m almost certain I have this in a yellow version already, somewhere out in the back yard garden!


Is this not a spot you just want to relax in the shade with a book, listening to that calming, steady flow of water?  What an enchanting garden this is!


On our way home, we stopped at a look-out point over Hamilton harbour.


And, of course, we couldn’t pass up the little coffee shop mission for cooling coffee drinks.  Eldest and I chose the raspberry white chocolate frappuccinos and they were out of this world amazing!


We spent a restful late afternoon playing Splendor, our newest favourite in games.


Almost a week into our vacation together, but still lots to do and see.  Next up, our trip to Cyprus Lake in Tobermory!


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