July 1st and 4th

Our American company found themselves celebrating their very first Canada Day during their visit with us.  I must admit, because of the busy-ness of eldest’s graduation and just planning our time with company, I didn’t put a huge amount of effort into planning decorations or a cake for the July 1st celebrations as we’ve done before (see here).  But we managed to have a hugely fun party with some musical friends joining us for the night.


We asked Rob to bring his guitar and violin since our American guests were also very musical and maybe we could make something of the musical talent among us for the evening.  Rob was thrilled to be able to sing some worship songs and play violin alongside our guests singing and playing piano.


We then asked our singing star to perform “Time to Say Good-bye,” a piece she sang for us as a parting gift at the last costume ball we attended in Tennessee together three years ago.  What a moving and beautiful piece it is.  Though nervous at this request– since she had virtually no time for warming up her voice–she graciously agreed to sing for us.  So incredibly lovely! Thank you again, friend!

Although we were mesmerized by this beautiful voice, our attentions got seemingly diverted out the window toward fire trucks and ambulances arriving out front of the house.

The building across the road was on fire!


After things were well under control, our spectating came to an end, and we promptly headed to the back yard to be taught some English country dancing, with our home made ingenious speaker to help project the music.


We danced a mixer called the Patt-i-cake polka. We learned (or re-learned for some of us) the Virginia Reel.  And of course July 1st celebrations wouldn’t be complete without the Canadian Barn Dance.


So, the eve of July 3rd had me (and hubby) thinking, we really should make sure we do something special for the girls’ big fourth of July celebration that they’ll be missing at home.  Having lived south of the border, we know how serious this celebration is.  We remember being able to see big time fireworks from any direction we sat outside our house.  It truly was amazing!


So we shopped for a few red, white, and blue items to do up a fun breakfast table setting.  I went to work on a flag cake, which really was super easy, having used the same recipe we’ve been using for years for our Canada Day pound cake found here.


And we couldn’t not have them sing their anthem for us, and capture it on video.  But I’ll not make everything public on you dear friends, so I’ll leave that one be.  But it sure was good!


Part of what we wanted to do for the fourth of July celebration was hike to a waterfall that shared the same surname as our guests. Because I’m a bit of cheapskate, I didn’t want to pay the ridiculous parking fee and people fee, so we found a hiking trail further, (much further away), and hiked into the park on a 4.5 km (about 2.8 miles) walk, free of charge.  It was hot, but at least the trail was very shady for the majority of it.



We found many reasons to stop along the way for either look-out points, our need for water, or in this case, a beautiful Mourning Cloak butterfly.


It all certainly was worth the trek.


At the second waterfall we came to on the same hike, there was a film crew with huge camera aimed at the bridge and waterfalls at the very location we wanted to look over for the best view toward the falls.  So, instead, we ventured down to the bottom.  Nearing the bridge, however,  we were stopped by some filming staff.


Lo and behold, weren’t they filming right there on the bridge we wanted to cross.  We asked if it was okay to take some pics.  After asking what they were filming (the T.V. show about the young Mary Queen of Scots, called Reign), and nodding in enthusiasm on the subject of their show (all the while not having ever heard of it till that very moment…at least for me), we took our pics, and laughed that most likely people will exclaim to us later, “do you know who that was?!! He’s hugely famous!”  And there hence our reason for taking the pic.

Anyone know this lad?  Will we truly be sorry we didn’t ask for an autograph?


Wow, there sure is a lot that goes into getting just the right shot for a scene of a few seconds.  It was hot out and that poor fellow, several times over, had to walk to the middle of the bridge, look over it, take off his gloves slowly, then look startled as if he’s heard something to the left of him.


And I’m not sure if you can see the little speck of brown in the centre of the bridge, but if so, that’s our film star, Mr…Whoever, obviously enjoying the falls too, and taking some of his own pics on his cellphone to bring back home.

The girls were eyeing the camera that was in mid transport down to the bridge, and talking about how their sister would appreciate all this, being into videography.  One crew member overheard this and offered to take their pic for them in front of the camera.


And after all the pictures and fun, there was still the 4.5 km hike back again!  Here we are at the trail’s starting and ending point, worn out.


I’m sure my visitors were plenty done for the day, but my itinerary wasn’t done for them.  Sorry girls.  Now that I look back I see I’m a bit of a control freak with vacation time, aren’t I?!

Sweating and tired, we went home, only to have them dress up and get whisked back for tea on the town at our gorgeous tea house.  I left the girls off to do tea alone (who wants mama always following them around on vacation?!)



When I got the call to pick them up again, I found the girls resting on a bench looking very ready to put their feet up and relax back at the ranch.  Perhaps next time I make you walk 9 km in a day, I’ll just serve homemade tea or lemonade and scones in the backyard so you can really put your feet up.

Up next is our trip to Crawford Lake Indian Village and Burlington waterfront on Lake Ontario to continue our tourism Ontario feature with our American guests!


4 thoughts on “July 1st and 4th

    • We’ve certainly had a good deal of fun this summer, and so grateful for special times and such wonderful warm weather. And yes, the speaker indeed did enough of a job to project it well enough for us to all hear the music. Certainly better than had we not rigged it up. It’s still sitting here beside my computer waiting for another opportunity to dance.


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