Visitors and a graduation

I contemplated taking the summer off blogging since I’ve so enjoyed not being around the computer for the last few weeks while away at a cottage in northern Ontario, then hosting great friends from Tennessee the last two weeks, gallivanting here, there, and everywhere around Ontario.  But, alas, after looking at the great pics of our recent vacation with our visiting friends, I couldn’t not post about it all.

Our friends came bearing gifts, all of which were very special for each person, but one gift in particular was adored by all, and became a focus of celebration throughout the next fifteen days….coffee from  Muletown capital of the world!


Our guests arrived on a Tuesday at the Buffalo airport, and since that’s right near Niagara Falls, hubby decided to take them on that tour before heading back to our place. Having been awake since 2 a.m. CST, the girls were likely exhausted, but happy to see Niagara Falls up close for the very first time.




Day two allowed for some sleeping-in time, but we made sure the itinerary still had sites to see before the big graduation party for my eldest to be held that evening.  The girls hiked to two waterfalls nearby before I put them to work decorating for the party.



I am happy for the minds of creative young people, as I would not have thought of some the inventive ways they decorated for our party.




The prep was done that much quicker with a few extra, willing pairs of hands.  We even had time to sit down to tea outdoors before guests arrived.  My parents, my siblings and their families,  eldest’s godparents, and a few of her friends were present to celebrate her graduation from high school.

We had dinner first, followed by coffee and garden grown rhubarb crisp, ending the night indoors with a little program.  Alongside a slideshow, I prepared a video speech, knowing I couldn’t do it live, and allowing me much less stress because of that.  I still, however, blubbered and cried through the speech even alone on video. But I decided it was best left that way as it’s true to how I felt and what I wanted to share for her special night.



It was all so very lovely for sweet eldest as she’s a very unassuming kind of gal who doesn’t like being the centre of attention.  The evening progressed in a gentle, close-knit way, and left her beaming and grateful and so very, very happy.  Hard to believe we have already graduated our very first from the world of home schooling.

And it was a special part of her graduation to have her friends from Tennessee present and able to tour Ontario with us for the following thirteen days.  It felt like a graduation gift for the teacher too!

Stay tuned for our adventures of trips around Ontario. Days three and four are next!



8 thoughts on “Visitors and a graduation

    • Thanks Claire! After my scattered party planning (and slight freak out that it wouldn’t go as I had hoped), it all came together so nicely in the end. And the weather held out beautifully so we could enjoy most of the event outdoors. I sometimes think on it and can’t believe we’ve now got one graduated from our homeschool world. Time certainly flies!


  1. Congrats to your daughter and to you, Mama, for a job well done. I’m glad you posted this. Lovely photos. I too have been enjoying my time away from my computer, although I’ll be posting a little about our summer fun soon.


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