Tree Change Dolls for a birthday


I had a nice long blog post for you a few weeks back on my youngest’s eleventh birthday. Even had a big long, sappy, heart-string tugging session on growing up, and this mama’s ache over it.  But alas, one hour into posting, when I went to edit something, and hit the “update” button, poof, the entire entry was gone, never to be retrieved. I was so discouraged with our inability to get all that effort back again, I said good-bye to blogging and just shelved the notion to maybe go back to it.

Here I am, trying again; hopefully there are no glitches this time. If any of you have had similar troubles, please do share, and encourage me to keep at it.

One of the cutest (and most creative) gifts our youngest received for her birthday this year was Bratz dolls remodelled.  Our Nature Centre instructor, Heidi, brought these two Bratz dolls to us last year during post-surgery, with the intention that one of our artistic children (with the help of artistic papa) would transform them from the overdone dolls that they are, into modest, sweet girl-dolls that they really should be for the age groups that are playing with them.  Unfortunately I didn’t take a pic of the dolls prior to their transformation, so you’ll have to visit the Tree Change Doll site to see what I mean about how they’ve made the transformation.

There’s a YouTube video complete with the story of how it all came into being by a Tazmanian woman with the gift of thrifting combined with artistry.  Sonya Singh is an amazing down-to-earth artist, in the height of creativity in what became an almost overnight success story (and taking her quite by surprise).  To hear her story, see the 7 minute video below from YouTube.

We didn’t get around to changing these dolls for a year, but wow, are we ever glad our eldest thought of this project as it neared her sister’s birthday.  She wanted her dad to do the transforming of the eyes, pull off the high-pumped feet, and clay out some new normal girl-shoes, while she knit up the dresses for them.

Hubby went to work using eucalyptus oil to remove the Bratz doll painted eyes, then set to painting new eyes on the dolls. He, of course–being an artist–wasn’t satisfied with his final product, saying he really needed a finer paint brush.  We, however, were all thrilled with the results.

If any of you are interested in trying your hand at this yourself, I’ve added two YouTube videos below that walk you through the process of how to remove the paint from the eyes, and then apply new eyes, as well as how to remove the feet and use clay to remodel girl feet on the dolls.

My hubby didn’t find it actually worked quite the same for him trying this method of doing the boots/shoes so he came up with his own trial and error method.  He used Sculpey clay to mould the boots and shoes. After forming them, he baked them, set them to dry overnight, then painted them and attached them around the plastic piece at the base of the leg where the feet had been detached from.


I’m happy to be living in a houseful of artistic people with such creative talent and ingenuity! We were all excited when we could put it all together and fit the cute knitted dresses on the dolls to be wrapped up for our sweetie’s birthday.  She spent a good deal of time that day playing with her two new sweet, girl-dolls she named Lucy and Daniella.

Though our window is short for doll playing at this age, we’ll still take what we can get out of youth and innocence, joy and sweetness.  This we still have and this we will cling to.


4 thoughts on “Tree Change Dolls for a birthday

  1. Wow! These are brilliant! I will be showing my girls as we have never allowed Barbies or Bratz dolls. Your girls and hubby did a fab job making them look like normal girls!


    • Thanks Claire. I was worried when I first saw our friend pull Bratz dolls out of her bag for the girls, but after her explanation of what to do with them and how to change them, and after watching the really neat story of Sonya Singh developing the idea, we were hooked! Your L really must go thrifting and find one and give it a go. Would make a great gift for your littles.


  2. The dollies look so sweet and creative..good job to Violet on the knitting job, and to daddy for painting the sweet faces. I need to see your family for a hike sometime SOON!!


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