The Monday Make: Skor Scones

These delicious scones were baked up by my son for our afternoon tea at the end of one school day a few weeks back.  He’s moderately interested in cooking and baking, so  being the ever-searching- for-future-goals kind of mother that I am, I am trying to put to good use the years we’ve left with him here in our homeschool world to get a head start on what interests him job-wise.


I believe he was quite pleased with how they turned out, and even asked me if I was going to be posting his baking success.


And I just had to show you my newest tea pot I purchased half price from the Royal Botanical Garden Centre.  I love bird-watching and tea pots, so what a perfect combination!


My own tasks that week included finishing the very long, procrastinated, draggy project of sanding and refinishing our dining room harvest table.  We sold most of our furniture when we left TN to return to Canada, but this was one piece we couldn’t part with.  It was bought in TN and it just seemed it was one way to bring some of TN back to Canada with us as a memory.  Unfortunately the finish on the table went rather gummy and sticky a few years into owning it, and it got so bad by the year we left, we knew it would have to be stripped again and redone.

We’ve been putting this off for a few years now, always covering it with a table cloth since all things were beginning to attach themselves to the table, never to be pried loose again (including our hands and arms.)

This Fall I decided I would start sanding it and make it my winter project.  Well, after one go with the sander, I realized I was trying to bite off more than I could chew with taking on this project.  So I left off.  I recently returned to it when the feeling of spring was in the air, knowing if I didn’t finish it before winter’s official end, I’d just not do it at all.

It’s too lovely of a table to hide under a cloth all the time (as much as I do love a pretty table cloth), so I got to work again, dedicating a few Saturdays to the task.  Since I’m an inexperienced sander, I have only included a pic of the “good” side of the table all sanded and refinished.  Wayne was very gracious about the whole thing, commenting that the dug out parts just make it look aged and more like an authentic old harvest table.

And I thought I’d sneak in here a knitting pic for Yarn Along.  I still can’t figure out how to attach knitting pics to Ginny’s site for her Wednesday Yarn Along, so I’ll just go ahead and fit it in here with my baking post because cozy knits, having tea and eating scones all go really well together, so why not?  For Yarn Along,  I’m supposed to be saying what I’m reading and knitting, but the problem is, I’m doing neither right now.


This lovely poncho was created by my eldest as my belated Christmas gift, and as far as reading goes…well a lot of you know that story and my concentration issues.  I’m working on it. Wuthering Heights and To Kill a Mockingbird are sitting right there on the side table by the living room window waiting for me to get past page three.

2016-03-05 16.35.42

Happy Monday Make to y’all!

For the Skor Scone recipe visit



2 thoughts on “The Monday Make: Skor Scones

    • I’m thinking the gift of knitting trait skipped a generation from my mum down to my eldest. I still plan on trying my hand at more of it myself, but if I never get to it, oh well, won’t I have some nice things made by mum and daughter anyway?


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