Winter, and then Spring

Last Monday it snowed overnight and right through the day until about two o’clock in the afternoon Tuesday.  Because it’s generally been snow-free for us here in these parts this winter, having enough to frolic in for a day sent two of mine outdoors at 8 a.m.  We had a cold snap recently that left most of us cooped up inside as much as possible, so this was a welcome mildness (it’s all relative isn’t it?) to don gear and haul out the shovels and sleds for a bit.










My garden in winter, covered snugly with white blankets.  I can’t wait to see if my garlic will grow.  This past Fall was my first attempt at planting bulbs in one of the beds.


And voila, I take you to today, Saturday.


When I pulled the curtains back today, I gasped.  It rained overnight and the temperatures climbed to 6C.  I know there are a lot of snow lovers among you friends out there, so I guess you are sad to see it go.  I, however, am radiant with glee for Spring’s arrival–at least the tease of it today.  Having it for a week was plenty good fill for me.

I was finding that February blah feeling creeping in, so to see and smell the earth again, and stand hatless and mitt less in the back yard enamored by the male cardinal puffing up heartily, singing at the top of his lungs in our cherry tree, had me over the moon rejoicing.  I breathed in the delightful hope of seeing buds on trees, plants poking through the dirt, birds busy finding mates and building nests, windows staying open, and life sprouting all around us in the months to come.

Thankful for the snow fun, but, ah, then Spring.






3 thoughts on “Winter, and then Spring

  1. Ooooh, I love snow and can’t believe we have only had a sprinkling this year 😦
    I’m glad you are pleased though and I have to admit I enjoy the lighter days. I now walk in the light at night instead of dark which is so good 🙂


  2. The thing about spring is that it is such a tease! While I do love snow, I am tired of grey cold and am ready for some warmth. Yesterday it felt like spring was in the air, sun out and birds singing, today is back to grey cold. Guess I’ll make another cup of hot tea.


    • I hear ya! The sun was out in full force yesterday, so a bit of snow melted. And the cardinal and phoebe are singing in the mornings so that’s a good sign. I guess we’re getting close. But yes, a cup of tea sounds like a cozy resign to grey and cold for it’s duration.


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