Yarn Along and our December

It’s been pretty quiet here lately.  I seem to have had a loss for words–a writer’s block–or just a blogging slump of sorts.  In the meantime I’ve been bugging my eldest to help me try and figure out how to attach the Yarn Along button to my sidebar on the blog and join Ginny’s Yarn Along group over there on her blog.  I’m still working on that, so while I continue to tap people on the shoulder, and on their blogs, to figure out how to do that,  I’ll just go ahead and post what I’ve been working on and reading of late.

2015-12-22 16.03.58

I’m pretty proud of my newly acquired skill of learning to cable knit.

2015-12-22 16.02.37

I knew how to knit and how to purl, but hadn’t learned how to cable.  So I thought I’d try it out on a scarf, and it’s turned out for the most part, save an error near the beginning.  But I’m learning there are ways to hide mistakes thanks to my dear mum who has been knitting for probably close to sixty years now.



Besides these two lovely quiet activities, our December has been spent enjoying a Christmas Tea where each of the children tried their hand at the baking/making for it, St. Nicholas Day opening stockings and taking in the festival of lights a few cities over, some luncheons with friends, horse and trolley rides in town with cousins, and a games night, never complete without a round of Spoons, and then a memory game of Four on the Couch which left our heads spinning with confusion over who owned what name.



2015-12-20 13.54.10

2015-12-20 13.57.53

We’ll have a quiet Christmas Eve enjoying a turkey dinner and Wayne’s famous potato skins, a candlelight church service, opening gifts, and watching The Nativity Story.





Merry Christmas all.


5 thoughts on “Yarn Along and our December

  1. I am so impressed by your knitting! I can do basic knit but I am truly naff at it. I don’t seem to have the patience, especially for all the unraveling that comes with all the mistakes I inevitably make. A goal for the new year is to learn to crochet. I want to crochet dish cloths. Starting simple!
    I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful year ahead. xx


  2. Thanks Claire! I’m embarrassed to say I’m STILL working on it! One of these days..

    A friend taught me a crochet stitch when I lived down south so that I could finish squares off nicely for a blanket. The squares have yet to be finished. I think I can safely call it my seven year blanket now. I keep thinking with each new year I’ll become that crafty lady I so like seeing in other ladies.


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