American Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all our American friends!


Having lived south of the border for six years, we took in both Canadian and American Thanksgiving dates on our calendar, and still do.


We spent an afternoon and evening with some dear friends to mark the occasion, and of course gave us another reason to cook a turkey dinner.  A good deal of fun was had by all.


The girls did up some mason jar dry soup mixes and bread mixes as Christmas presents.  We tried our best to coerce the boys into the food prep session, but they were having too much boy fun downstairs.  We did, however, manage to entice them to decorate the gift bags the jars were going in.  And we didn’t even have to use sweets to do that!











As you can see, husbands were hard at work too.  Mine arrived with the turkey and stuffing.  And it was delicious!


I spontaneously purchased a few sentimental Christmas movies of late that we’ve never watched, one being The Christmas Candle (with an appearance by Susan Boyle).


Apparently when my friend went to pick up our boys at their gym class, my dearest fourteen year old exclaimed en route back to the house, “I hope my dad picked out the movie for tonight.”  Sheesh! I wasn’t really thinking science fiction and marking this Thanksgiving/beginning of Advent season would really line up well, so obviously, yes, it was mummy’s choice of a movie.  But, again, we drew them in nonetheless.  And I honestly think we all enjoyed it (though I’m sure my boy would never admit that to you.)


After dessert the children had some outdoor lantern time with these old-fashioned tin punched cans we did two years ago on our Thanksgiving celebration together (when we had a dumping of snow for them to trudge through with their tin can lights).  Last night was glorious, spring-like weather, so it was all pleasantries to head outdoors with their lanterns and LED tea lights.

We’re having a pretty low key day today, recovering from all the fun and preparing for our next adventure, our first of the season Bible Quiz Meet!  More on that in a post to come, but for now, Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!


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