School starts

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Each year we begin our first day of school with a special breakfast and our adopted German cones (Schultute) full of school supplies (and just plain fun items too!)  I loved hearing of this tradition that is just one of the biggest deals in Germany on the first day of school, so decided we would add this custom to our own home school world to make the first day a fun and surprising one.  While our cones are very basic and simple (just bristol board folded into a cone shape) compared to the elaborate, decorative, gorgeous and authentic German Schultutes, the kiddos are none less pleased with their pouches of school supplies and goodies.








This year, however, I decided I’d purchase them each a knapsack to fill with supplies.  Rather hilarious that they are the ages they are and only now receiving their first backpack for school! They were thrilled.


Our twins are attending a home school Co-op this year, while my eldest will spend a good deal of time at the local university library doing some research, so I thought it rather fitting to give them a carry bag for their books.


Even funnier, I added a lunch bag to each knapsack since we will have one day a week where I need to pick them up and drive to another city for the next event on the school calendar so we’ll need to eat en route.  Maybe it’s not cracking you up quite as much as it is me, but I’m truly finding myself giggling at them with backpacks and lunch bags.


In addition to lined paper, pens, pencils, erasers, binders, and all that regular school stuff, I also added the Driver’s handbook for my eldest to study this year for her driving test.  For some of the others there were hair supplies, socks, sculpey clay, a globe ball,  a wildflower pocket guide, new devotionals for each child, and of course, their favourite flavour of Cadbury chocolate bar.

I didn’t make a backpack up for first day of school for myself, but I sure did make certain I bought a large orange flavoured Cadbury chocolate bar to consume in the quiet of the night with my tea after the busy first day.  At ten o’clock at night, when the crickets are still chirping, and the house very still once again, nothing can go wrong when one has a cup of tea and their favourite chocolate in hand.  It was a good day.



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