Summer’s End




















I love this time of year as much as I despise it.  I love that all the produce is finally ready for the picking, and I love the twins’ birthday to end the summer with.  But with all that always comes September and the beginning of school, and eventually cold weather again.

We’ve had just a spectacular summer though, full of fun and adventure, vacationing and wellness.  We’re very grateful.  So, while I lament over it all coming to an end (just out of pure normality), I also seem to fall quite naturally into that turn of the season mode where school planning, meal planning, chore charting, canning, and house tasks I meant to get done at the beginning of summer, finally take hold of me and I just start going with it (just out of pure normality).

I managed to get the ever pressing need of the kitchen cupboards painted.  And believe me, I started and stopped this several times, and had to do a lot of talking to myself to push me to finally get it done.  It helped that I had a friend from overseas come to visit.  Funny how company can get us up and at it when we want our houses cleaned, isn’t it?

The relish I didn’t want to can (but mentioned in a previous post that I’d do) finally got done.  I promise you here and now I”ll never do it again.

Our last party of the summer always ends with the twins’ birthday.  This year we decided on a 24 hour campout in the backyard with two other families.  What a hoot it was!  We played all the old games like pin the tail on the donkey, egg and spoon race, and sack racing.

Now that I’ve turned the corner and am moving forward for fall, I’ll change pace a bit here too on the blog and you’ll likely find me posting school days more often, or maybe it’ll just be me alone in a coffee shop crying into my latte on days that aren’t going as planned.  I guess you’ll find out soon enough.

Happy end of summer!

2 thoughts on “Summer’s End

  1. Always nice to hear how your family is doing, Barb….please wish the twins HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me… I hope that we can get together for some fun activities again this year, we will have to think about what we can do with the kidlets! It sounds as if you had fun ( hahahaha) doing your canning and painting ! We just got back from Newfoundland after spending the summer there sure is strange not to hear the ocean and smell the wonderful fresh air! I started back at the RBG and am looking forward to getting outdoor with the youngsters to once again inspire them about nature!
    The exhibit this year will be about Reptiles and it is sure to be another interesting adventure!
    Let’s keep in touch, hugs and love to the family,
    Take care,


    • Good to have you back! We’ll have you over for some fun sometime, and for sure this year I want to get a bunch of us to go Owling with you! I’m reading aloud to the kiddos/kidlets “Owls in the Family” by Farley Mowat. Great read!


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