Letchworth State Park

2015-08-08 08.11.02

How do you like our new tent? I can’t believe we’re becoming campers again!  We loved camping in our pre-children years, but somehow we both went off the whole thing with each addition to the family.  We camped on three separate occasions down south, twice in TN and once in KY (in the summer of all times!)

And besides camping a few weeks back in the rain in NY state, the only other times we attempted this with children (and we only had three children at the time) was when our twins were two years old.  I probably don’t have to say more than that for most of you parents to understand.  But we’ve since been convinced this can work again, and so hubby was that convinced he actually bought us a tent he found on sale recently.  And he seems to be on a roll now, because he’s since added to our gear three queen air mattresses, four much needed warmer sleeping bags (one important factor in actually liking camping,) a coleman stove, and a lantern.

2015-08-08 10.35.26

We couldn’t get into Letchworth State Park to camp since we left it a tad too late trying to decide where we should go for the weekend, but we found an RV resort only five miles down the road from the State Park.

2015-08-08 11.33.48



I don’t know why we have never been to Letchworth State Park before, considering it was only a few hours over the border.  There are three sets of waterfalls, aptly named, The Upper Falls, Middle Falls, and Lower Falls.  They’re stunning!




Letchworth has been named the Grand Canyon of the East, and we can see why!








The highlight of the trip for me was accidentally discovering Mary Jemison’s remains and monument were in this park!! I read the book Indian Captive by Lois Lenski to the children a few years back and we loved it so much we re-read it (something I rarely do!)  It is the true story of Mary Jemison, a twelve year old girl from eastern Pennsylvania who was captured by the Senecas in 1758.  She first traveled with them to southern Ohio and then on to a village in western New York on the Genesee River.

2015-08-14 09.39.38

This is a MUST READ if you haven’t read this to your children yet.  And, if you’re not too far to visit this site, it’s also a MUST VISIT historical site for your travels.








I thought these were just the most creative screen doors I’ve ever encountered.  Through them lies the more casual restaurant in the park where we ate dinner.  The Inn pictured below is a pricier lunch and dinner menu, and the location for weddings, one of which was about to take place on the front lawn overlooking the Middle Falls when we arrived.








Be sure to add this to your list of MUST SEES, if not this fall, then next summer! Definitely a gem of a place.  Mark it on the calendar!

5 thoughts on “Letchworth State Park

  1. What an amazing place to camp! There is nowhere near us that’s as great as this place. Your new tent looks great too. Would you believe we’re about to go off camping this weekend? It’s the first time for many years – must be 10 years. We’re taking the old tent and equipment to see how we get on. If we’re hooked then we’ll buy a nice new tent.


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