Those popsicles I promised..and August thoughts

2015-08-06 11.17.27

2015-08-06 11.18.05

I promised I’d show you the Greek Yogurt popsicles if they turned out…and they did! The only thing that didn’t quite turn out were my four not so young’uns wanting to be photographed for the shot.  But they humoured me and at least held them out at arm’s length for the photo.  Of course, being ten is not so bad so I had one willing participant to display eating a yogurt popsicle.  What a good sport!

And I’ve a bit of trivia to ask.  A new lily has sprouted in my garden that I know for certain wasn’t there last year…well, um, it was there but since it kept growing and growing and didn’t flower, I recall pulling it out, thinking it a weed.  This year we’re blessed with it’s beauty and I’m trying to figure out what it’s name is.  I’ve looked online and think it’s called the stargazer lily.  Anyone out there who wants to confirm this?




And I also thought I’d show you our fairy garden in August.  Back in the spring when we set it up, we didn’t realize the plants that would end up sprouting all around it, so we’ve had to shuffle a few things around to let life in.  It’s quite a secret little garden for the fairies, which is just the look we were going for.  Nice that it kind of happened unexpectedly, and without much effort.



I’m trying my best to make the most of the month of August and not feel rushed towards school planning and feelings of autumn creeping in.  I’m never ready for it, and always trying to hold fast to the last days of summer.  Somehow, even though I’ve a full month left, I always feel this way when I turn the calendar to August.

But I’m reminded on the slower days when I have time to make things like popsicles, and time to poke around the garden and stare at the fairies there, and the new life blooming, that these ordinary un-rushed days of August, with pockets of planning here and there, are so cherished and probably more so because we know the structure and busy-ness that’s coming for us.  So I guess without that busy-ness to follow, I wouldn’t cling to and enjoy August so much, would I?

So, shall we enjoy an un-rushed August together?  Linger in last weeks of summer.

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