The Monday Make: Sally’s Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles for a hot summer day

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I came across these pics in a file recently and of course my heart melted with the sight of the simplicity of childhood and easy summer living.  I marveled over the creativity of young’uns..  And I also remembered all too well how we sweltered and stank mowing an acre with only a push-mower in 40+C.  We’d then rake, rake, and rake the grass into piles, all hands on deck to participate.

The children didn’t let it deter them.  They decided some of the grass shouldn’t be raked up and bagged but instead saved for play time.  While it sounds like an excuse, it really did serve for days of outdoor summer play.  They built their grass houses and the Playmobil, Star Wars, and Schleich toys came.

Simple summer living, or better yet, simply living.

These are easy and healthy popsicles for your youngsters to consume on a hot summer’s day in the midst of creative play.  I came across them at Sally’s Baking Addiction site.

All that’s required is:

2 C blueberries (or any of your favourite fruit)

2 Tbsp honey or agave nectar

2 C Greek style vanilla yogurt

Blend the blueberries in a blender, pour into a bowl, and stir in the honey/agave.  Then add your yogurt and pour into the popsicle mould.  To get the patchy blue and white look, swirl it with a knife for that effect.  Freeze it for 4-6 hours or overnight.

For some really great photography of these yummy snacks, head on over to Sally’s site for a look.  They will tempt you for sure!  I’m headed to the kitchen right now to do these.  If they turn out intact for me, I’ll try to remember to post a pic this week of my now not so young’uns enjoying them.

Happy Monday Make to y’all!

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