A Garden Update

2015-07-07 13.25.36

2015-07-07 13.25.20

2015-07-07 13.26.01





2015-07-07 13.26.47

Have been pleasantly surprised this summer to discover all these wonderful floral arrangements in our front rock garden and walkway.  They’re all perennials so I’m guessing my headspace this time last year was in tunnel vision, passing all these lovelies en route to hospital each day,  because honestly, I have no recollection of lilies or purple alum (not pictured but blooming as I write) or cone flowers (Echinacea) in that rock bed!

2015-07-12 20.02.14

2015-07-12 20.02.00

Though dear hubby worked hard to protect our garden from deer, skunks, rabbits…unfortunately our normally endearing bird population had all manner of entry with their extra abilities to swoop over the top.  The bluejays were the worst for pecking off each pepper just as it sprouted into doll sized food.  I have always had trouble growing peppers and thought it was just me.  After much observation I discovered it wasn’t my lack of green thumb after all! So out to the dollar store I went to find netting.  So far so good. I’ve one (yes, only one) finally growing to full size.



The lettuce has really taken off and we’ve enjoyed quite a bit of it so far.  The big weed in the background (of which I have no idea the name for) is purposely left there since a friend of mine tells me I can dry it and use it for colds in the winter.  I will have to let you know if this remedy works when the time comes.


I planted a row of herbs that are all thriving…lavender, rosemary, cilantro, and basil.

2015-07-12 20.07.17

This is my first attempt at celery, thanks to a friend sharing some plants from her stock for her garden this year.  So far so good.

2015-07-12 20.04.59

And our friends planted corn in the plot we gave them since the kiddos wanted to try a row of corn, then beans, then squash.  All are doing well, though part of me worries about the raccoons coming early to harvest the corn.  A neighbour told me the skunks are worse for stealing the corn but that we should be good with that fence to keep them out.



In my friend’s plot she planted butternut squash, and I tried acorn squash in another plot.  Both are flowering at this point so we shall see what all those crazy big leaves and covered walkways amounts to.


My favourite thing to grow are cucumbers.  We eat a lot of them in our house, and I just love how quickly they take off.  I’ve chosen to grow them up poles, though many at this point are hanging down and taking the walkway route instead.  I think I will have to pull out some bread and butter pickle recipes soon as I can’t keep up with them all!


2015-07-12 20.06.12


And so far we’ve had a handful of beans to freeze.

2015-07-30 15.27.35

Haven’t tried growing eggplant before but always enjoy baba ghanouj, so this is the end goal.IMG_0989

I have to admit that though I love to grow tomatoes, I haven’t one interest in learning how to pull suckers off the plant and let it grow properly.  When we rented a basement apartment from an Italian friend years ago, his father used to come and tend both our gardens, and I never had more wonderful, huge, tasty tomatoes.  I need him to come back for a visit.  We’ve had a few so far but I see that our top heavy plant could be tended with more love than I’m willing to give it.  Poor thing.


Here’s a quick snapshot (and I see I missed half the garden in it!!) from the outside.

2015-07-30 15.27.47

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