Fourth of July!









Happy Fourth of July to all our American friends!  You sure do know how to put on a big party this day!

Our first year in the south we had decided on the 4th of July to visit the picturesque country church we had started attending so my husband could photograph it and then paint it.  While there, one of the members of the church happened to drive by and spot us newcomers and out-of-country folk.  They apologized profusely for not having thought of us on this special day, to invite us to their celebrations.  We were promptly and cordially invited to their “cook-out” that afternoon.

We have to admit the phrase “cook-out” was new to us, and we half wondered if there’d be some kind of competition to out-cook each other.  We later discovered this is just another way of saying, “come to our barbecue please.”  However, having said that, it sure did look like some out-cooking was going on if you’d seen the line up of men and their barbecues and meat smoking machines! And it was the first time I’d ever witnessed home made ice-cream being made.

My husband still says to this day that that evening was the most southern experience we ever had, and those ribs were the best he’s ever tasted.  I wish I had a pic for y’all to see of how some of the night ended, with a few of the young people pickin’ on banjos and breaking out in the song, “Rocky Top Tennessee.”

And since that day, while living in America, we always tried to mark the fourth of July with a special dessert.  This one was found in the Family Fun magazine in their July (of course!) issue.  If you’d like to recreate it yourselves just click here on the site.

Happy Independence Day (a.k.a. freedom from the Brits), to y’all!

ps. A little trivia…anyone know, without having to Google it, who is, so far, the only President born the fourth of July?

4 thoughts on “Fourth of July!

    • You got it! Way to know your history! I had to look it up in order to ask that question. ha!
      And I also admit to looking up the other two presidents who died on July 4th so I won’t name them here but will let anyone else name them who doesn’t look them up (like me!)
      Happy 4th to you! I’m sure you’ll get a good display of fireworks today. We remember seeing them from all sides of the house!

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    • It’s fun, all the same, isn’t it?!
      Love your posts and your garden, and your handiwork, and wonderful tours in your rich in history land!
      My roots are from Belfast and I fully intend on seeing it one of these days, and am a little embarrassed to say I haven’t as yet!


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