The Monday Make: Rock Buns and Rock Gardens

rg10 before

rg7 after





Well I promised to show you the rock garden Wayne created so here it is.  What once was our miniature sledding hill for the winter has had a face lift.  I’m still in the process of filling it in with the right plants but I couldn’t be happier with the results, and the little oasis he designed all out of his crazy creative noggin.

Funnier still, all those rocks came from the back of the yard where the landlord had piled them when he took out a rock garden that sat in the very same place we put one back in.  He didn’t like the one there.  So there’ve been many a hauling stones back and forth on this here property.

We’ve all tried out the hammock seat, some for longer than others when they find a good book to read.  And the ramp has been tried and tested with and without one child’s needed orthotics.  There’s a slide factor to some degree, but only for those who choose to run.

And to top it all off, a friend shared some of her garden with me, the best gift of gardening.  I’m popping them all in here and there within the rock garden, vegetable plot, front garden, and littlest’s garden of wildflowers.  So keep in touch, and I’ll show you littlest’s garden of greats over near the shed when it starts to bloom.

For now, let’s all share some rock bun treats together out in the rock garden, shall we?  These are memories of mum’s baking.  I’m still unsure whether one is actually supposed to butter the bottom of the rock bun or cut it open first like a scone, but our family always just flipped it over and buttered.  Whatever way you butter your bread or rock bun, you can find this recipe in The Best Ever Afternoon Tea Recipe Book by Antony Wild and Carol Pastor (but be sure to buy it used as I see the price brand new is not so pretty).

Happy Monday Make to y’all!







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