The Garden Gift from My Guy

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alexandra gardening

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Well here it is folks.  The big reveal! I had plans for a veggie plot to happen this year but had no idea what tricks Wayne had up his sleeve! I guess landscaping may have been a close second to art school.

He has busied himself for weeks on end now at the finish of the day to make this happen for me on our Canadian planting schedule.  Truly I envisioned just boxing in a bit more garden than was already there when we moved in.  He had bigger plans.  I’m not as aesthetic as he is so I just decided, hey, why not just agree on this and see what happens?  He promised to keep to a schedule and be ready for planting, and I promised to stay out of his business in what he was about.

There were some pretty nasty rooted weeds to get rid of before anything could be done, of which I wish I had a pic to show you from when we first moved in.  The best I could do was the pic after we’d weeded most of the plot.

After the four boxes were in place, and all the stones in place, we both looked at one another and reasoned that maybe we didn’t need a fence after all.  I mean, it meant just so much more work, and really, would the deer really come and sup every night on our plants?  One phone call to the landlord answered that.  They planted pepper plants that were nowhere to be found the very next day.  The next door neighbours assured us they see deer in our backyard all the time.  We are feeling now like the deer are  stalking us, hiding in the bushes across the street with binoculars, just waiting for the first plant to go in.

So, needless to say, the fence was started right away, and made high enough to make it obvious we have a “no jumping” rule.  Once finished we found a few sections we just knew our local bunny population would find a way through, so those have also been sealed off now.

And to finish off the look, Wayne bought me a lovely bench to relax on inside my gift of a garden.  I am calling it my prayer chair.

We have allotted two plots for friends, and two for ourselves.  We look forward to what our community garden brings us this season, and hope to share those pics with y’all as the summer progresses.

And next big reveal will be on it’s way when the rock garden and arbour are complete! I’ll keep you posted.


9 thoughts on “The Garden Gift from My Guy

    • Thanks Liz! I can see it from my kitchen window and it just makes me want to go outside and sit on that bench all the time! I know I will love doing that this summer. I”m sure that means the mosquitoes will enjoy me loving the garden.


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