Fairy Garden

2015-05-17 14.34.59

2015-05-17 14.39.57

2015-05-17 14.39.43


2015-05-17 14.35.50

2015-05-17 14.36.11

2015-05-17 14.36.35

2015-05-17 14.37.43

2015-05-17 14.38.45


What a change from the bleak dull that held us captive so long with the leftover garden mess from last year and the constant colour, brown.  To spruce some things up hubby had the same idea for the front porch bench as the backyard chair I posted a few weeks ago.  Baby blue, sky blue, whatever kind of blue it’s called, has become a refreshing spring colour for our outdoor lives now.  As per usual,  I’m hesitant at first but trust the artist to make it all work.

Truthfully, it was all about the front door.  Neither of us like the blue of the front door, but since it’s not our own house, we weren’t going to be cheeky and ask for a replacement on the basis of colour.  So we did our best to make it blend with everything else we had sitting out there.  And just after finishing the projects didn’t the landlord come over, talking about how drafty that door is in winter and suggesting putting on a new front door.  Hope it’s a blue one.

We’re relishing in the last days of littleness with our youngest still enjoying tiny figurines, and asking for a fairy garden.  We spotted her alone in the front garden making play with the three fairies by the well.  I tried my best to capture it all unbeknownst to her,  with some video footage, but the darn paint-chipped cast iron fence that’s about to blow over was just too much in the way.  So I just made my presence known and tried to look as inconspicuous as possible and up to some good other than picture taking.

It’s been fun to watch the spring flowers emerge in our secret rock garden out front.  We moved in last June and missed so many of them so it’s been quite enjoyable with the new reveals popping up all over the place.  One of my favourites has been the white Star of Bethlehem.  I planted a Sedum plant because I love a bit of colour when autumn arrives, however, I’m noticing there’s a gigantic hosta emerged and now towering over top of it.  So a bit of transplanting needs to take place this weekend.

And we’re just about there, almost ready for the big reveal of the gift of a garden hubby has been steadily working on after his day job, and each weekend, for weeks now.  And he says, “it’s all for you, Barbara.”  I’m so excited!!






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