The Monday Make: Victoria Sponge Cake

Happy Victoria Day Canadians!


(Flickr pic from Library and Archives Canada)

Queen Victoria is 196 today!  Well, officially not until the 24th of this month.  This is usually the weekend we Canadians (and permanent residents) finally get to plant in our gardens, and find the nearest fireworks display to attend.  Ours was right next door!

The neighbours left an invitation in our mailbox for a Victoria Day celebration fireworks display on their property.  We were having friends over for a barbecue and fire night the same night so decided we’d walk over at dusk for the show.











Little did we realize what a show they had planned!  Apparently they’ve been doing this for 12 years on the property, inviting all the neighbours, and pretty much their son’s entire school.  There were sparklers in abundance for everyone, and glow bracelets everywhere.  Fires were all the rage in the neighbourhood with whoops and hollers when the show was over.









Now, I will have to be honest with y’all that fireworks leave me shaking with fear and trepidation.  In my younger years, I was usually the one left at Aunt Margaret’s house on the front lawn to watch the city fireworks from a distance while the rest of the family enjoyed them up close.  So I embarrassingly admitted my shortcomings to our friends and hunkered down in our adjacent backyard watching the grandeur with fingers in my ears (you have to know that I don’t even like a balloon popping…it’s just a thing I’ve got.)

My friend did plan on getting a pic of this as she re-entered our backyard with one of hers not liking to be that close either, and saw the outline of three (yes, I’ve passed on the gene to two others in my family) bent over beings each with fingers plugging their ears, yet still with an awed look of fascination and gratitude for the show nonetheless.  But the moment was over too quickly and no i-pod in sight to take that classic shot of the unnerved (and I’m glad for it.)  So I’ll opt for a nice pic of our nice friends, instead.


Since Sponge Cake would have been a treat for Victoria’s day, I have decided on this as our Monday Make treat to commemorate her birthday.  It’s not just a reminder of Queen Victoria, but memories of my own mum’s delicious raspberry filled sponge cakes with icing sugar on top in my growing-up years.  Make sure you try this one, especially if there’s even a wee smidgin of Brit in you.  Come on, so many of you have some of that in your not so distant past.


Happy Monday Make to y’all! (How do you like this Sears catalogue outdoor furniture ad pose? We’re only missing the part where we’re supposed to throw our heads up toward heaven and laugh with full gusto, because you know, if you buy this furniture life will be like that.)


(Flickr pic from IFeelCook) Because mine’s in the oven right now.

Queen Victoria’s sponge sandwich birthday cake recipe from BBC Good Food recipes can be found when you click on the highlighted word in this sentence.  You won’t be disappointed!

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