Ah, Spring


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We’ve welcomed the outside inside, finally! The windows are open and I can’t tell you what that saying “a breath of fresh air” really is doing for me in all this.  I’m sucking it in through gasps and gusts, and really hoping this is actually it, no teasing.

Of course y’all down south are laughing because you’ve probably been doing this for weeks now, or for at least starts and stops over the entire winter season from what I recall.

My newest itch and urge has been over walking our road each and every morning in time to hear the far off rooster call out, and in time to spot the deer along the nearby stream, and the wild turkeys in pursuit of their mates, all fluffed out and strutting their feathers.  This of course, could have been a scarier encounter had we been closer.  We kept our distance and watched the pursuit for a while, before the female did her nonchalant, you’re not good enough for me move, and headed further into the forest.  Poor fella.

We’ve only this week (yes! only this week!!) had the hyacinths and tulips bloom, with more on the way.  And the rhubarb is finally growing! Woohoo! I’ve been following this blog in Northern Ireland of a woman’s lovely garden and couldn’t believe a few weeks back how much rhubarb she was already picking! I was admittedly jealous.  And we are, for the first time, getting to see the cherry tree blossom on our property, with the added bonus of the Baltimore Oriole drinking the nectar.  I’ve yet to capture that in photos but am enjoying learning the sounds and calls it makes (and there are many, including one that sounds like a squirrel chattering.)

I was in my element today pulling out all manner of bird books, water colour pencils, nature notebooks, and yanking every hand in the house I could get to join me outside to sketch, draw, write,  you name it.  I’ve my newest Charlotte Mason book find, The Living Page, and am re-excited over keeping a notebook of all kinds besides the nature notebooks, so this is my newest kick the family will find me ranting on, and urging on (and have already if you ask them.)

Hubby has been working around the clock on his rock garden and arbor out back as well as rototilling my garden, building big raised garden boxes for our spring planting in a few weeks.  I know, I know…it’s still a few weeks away.  On top of all that, he’s become very fond of little miniatures, so he’s creating a fairy garden in the front for our littlest, who I suppose isn’t necessarily little any longer but will remain that way for us probably forever.  Isn’t she lucky?

And do you see the nifty retro colour hubby has chosen for our deck chairs?  I was conservatively shocked by the choice he showed me with a paint chip, and tried to sound very sweet when I retaliated with, “what?!!”  But, as per usual when it comes to art and decorating, I always come around, and I usually realize, hey, the resident artist in the house was right about that one.  I’m loving what he chose, and can see that a little spray paint goes a long way.  With a particularly small living space, we’re loving the extended living space our deck gives us.

And what a difference a brand new self-propelled lawn mower makes, not only in the physical sense of the work itself, but in attitude.  Our boy happily mowed the lawn, front and back, even offering to do the front hill.  It was done in no time.

Probably the biggest thrill of spring brings walking into wellness this year with our dear one for the first spring in two years. It has left her breathing in that fresh air alongside me in gusts and gasps, and smiles, and so full of thanksgiving.  We couldn’t welcome the new life of spring more.

2 thoughts on “Ah, Spring

  1. Thank you! That’s very kind. I only use my daughter’s i-pod right now for photos and it really doesn’t do too bad a job. Happy spring to you too, and welcome to the blog! Nice to meet you!


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