The Monday Make: Super Cookies for a Super Hike

Mondays can go in one of two directions, depending on how well planned out we are for starting the week.  To keep some consistency laid out for the beginning of each week, I’ve added The Monday Make as part of our routine to kick start the week of snacks off better.  I find when there are snacks made and available in the house for those in-between meal hours, everyone stays content (for the most part.)  And I always welcome suggestions so forward your own recipes and we’ll add them to our baking sessions and post them, making sure we give credit where it’s due.

2015-04-17 14.30.00

What a super Friday we had hiking around the Royal Botanical Gardens Nature Centre!  It’s been an absolute breath of fresh air to finally have turned a corner to spring!  I had four extra children with me, though minus two of my own, leaving me with six kiddos for a grand nature hike on a glorious 19 C day (though I’d venture to say it was warmer than that.)

For the most part, this hike could have been labeled a “run.”  I had a hard time keeping up with the active crew, desperate to explore as far along the trail as fast as they could.  My boy, having lost some of that elementary sprint in him, even had a hard time keeping up with the team when I puffingly (and back pack laden) sent him dashing ahead to track down the lot.

I managed to slow their pace somewhat when I called out for a photo op at the lake, and then again, seeing them red-faced and ready for water and a snack.

2015-04-17 14.18.06

I brought along sunflower seeds so we could experience the black capped chickadees landing on our hands.  One was so picky, he even dug around in the handful of my boy’s palm until he found just the right one.

2015-04-17 14.22.09

2015-04-17 14.20.52

Another highlight (and chance to stop the jogging pace I was on) was to skip stones together.

2015-04-17 14.44.40

And to learn how to use a set of binoculars properly to see across the lake to the cormorants on the island or in flight.  A noisy bunch of red winged blackbirds were none too pleased at our presence in this location, likely due to nesting time and our nearness to theirs.

2015-04-17 15.11.20

Nearing the end of our hike we landed ourselves inside the nature centre for  more water, and a look around at some of the turtles, this particular snapping turtle being named Geronimo, who loves visitors.

2015-04-17 15.50.52

2015-04-17 15.53.49

We scouted out our trek, and then headed to the lilac dell (not yet blooming up here), where the children, with still much left in them for sprinting up and down the steep hills, enjoyed chasing each other, ending with a big ground stick sword fight together.  And fortunately for me, no one lost an eye, else I’d never be allowed to babysit again.

2015-04-17 15.59.16

2015-04-17 16.05.57

Our snack for the day was none other than the title above, Super Cookies, for a super hike!  That’s just what this was.  While the sword fighting commenced, I found a bench atop the hill, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine,  listening to the two robins conversing in the tree nearby (and very aware of my presence…again, too near, too near), and thinking over how wonderful it is to homeschool and be out on a gorgeous Friday afternoon as this was, observing all those children ranging from six to thirteen playing together so freely and unconcerned about it needing to be a same age peer group in order to have some fun.  What a super hike!

2015-04-19 21.14.54

Super Cookies:

1 egg

1/2 C honey (though the original recipe called for juice of any kind…just not sweet enough for me)

1/4 C oil

1/2 C flour

1 Tbsp milk

1 C rolled oats

2 Tbsp ground millet/wheat germ

3 Tbsp sunflower seeds

2 Tbsp sesame seeds

2 Tbsp cashew pieces

1/2 C raisins (my eldest loves raisins in them but I’m partial to dried cranberries)

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla

pinch of cinnamon

Beat egg; stir in honey (or juice) and oil; add the rest and mix.

Flatten slightly

Bake at 300 F for 30 mins.

(*recipe from none other than Kim’s health file, but again, unknown where it originated from before that)

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