The Monday Make: Gluten-Free Carob Coconut Truffles

Mondays can go in one of two directions, depending on how well planned out we are for starting the week.  To keep some consistency laid out for the beginning of each week, I’ve added The Monday Make as part of our routine to kick start the week of snacks off better.  I find when there are snacks made and available in the house for those in-between meal hours, everyone stays content (for the most part.)  And I always welcome suggestions so forward your own recipes and we’ll add them to our baking sessions and post them, making sure we give credit where it’s due.

2015-03-21 13.56.31

2015-03-22 17.17.42

Finally, we’re seeing green again.  Temperatures are trying to mimic spring but we’re not quite there yet.  All the same it sure kicks in the crazy desire to switch over winter and summer attire, paint my coffee stained kitchen cupboards, sweep under every dresser and in every nook and cranny of the house.  And the biggest urge yet is for digging in the garden. We didn’t fulfill that urge last year (actually the urge was nonexistent) due to a combo of timing (we moved in June), and circumstances (we lived at the hospital a lot).

Coming with those crazy circumstances we rarely did home baking, living widely on store bought baked goods.  So 2015 and the coming of spring brings truly a breath of fresh air to our home, and the satisfaction of life and order returning, and the time to make yummy home-baked snacks once again.  Ah, restoration.

My sweet eldest was asked to help prepare and serve out food at a board meeting for a friend this past Saturday, and so she decided on three baked goods to add to the dessert delights for the day.  She chose lemon squares, white chocolate and pecan cookies, and carob coconut truffles, the last being the one I will feature for our Monday Make today.

coconut carob

These are easily doubled and freeze really well, so go ahead and make a batch or two to throw in the freezer and keep on hand for your gluten-free friends that drop by.  We found this recipe on the site titled From Sad to Raw.

Carob-Coconut Truffles:

1 C raw unsoaked walnuts

3/4 C medjool pitted dates

1/4 C coconut milk (make by blending coconut and water and straining through a cheesecloth OR, do as I did and just buy a can of coconut milk)

4 Tbsp carob powder

4 Tbsp honey

dry coconut left from making coconut milk (OR do as I did and just bought unsweetened coconut flakes)


Blend all ingredients in food processor.  Refrigerate until cold.  Roll into balls and roll into shredded coconut.

*We found our first batch was still rather sticky after a few hours chilling in the refrigerator so we just ground up more walnuts and added them).

*And if you’re not a fan of carob (it’s a rather acquired taste I’d say), then just use cocoa powder.



We are enjoying having our resident baker back in full swing in the household and now even offering to take up meal planning once again.  Spring has sprung new life, new energy, new health and healing, and we’re all itching to get started on the gratitude garden because of these changes inside our family.  For now, we’ll still curl up together with some tea and truffles and be thankful for the presence of our loved one restored.  Truly a happy Monday Make to y’all!

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