Ideas for the First Day of Spring

Happy Spring! A few years ago I came across the idea of buying fresh flowers the night before the first day of spring (or pick some from your garden if you’re lucky enough to have something in bloom that time of year), and then after your spouse and children go to bed that night, fill many vases (or jars, glasses, whatever you have on hand) with your floral displays and place one in each room for the family’s waking up hours. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA One year we also expanded our ideas and invited some friends over to make garden stepping stones together with a mix we bought at Hobby Lobby, and some colourful glass mosaics to press in and make designs with. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA We set more floral arrangements around the house in recycled jam jars. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA And we bought herbs to plant in pots for our front or back steps, making it easy to just pop out the door to pick them when needed. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Our older girls had much more patience for this crafting project as you can see by what lured the others into the yard for more hands-on spring action! SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Some triangle sandwiches and a pot of tea, and more floral bunches in jars at each place setting for the children to bring home (or back to their room) were arranged on the lunch table. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA And though this is the same family celebrating with us, it’s not the same year. This was our year of flower pot ice cream to celebrate the arrival of spring.  Line your clay flower pot with wax paper, then use whatever flavour ice cream you like to fill the pot.  Top with either Oreo crumbs or chocolate flakes as the soil.  Wrap your real flower in plastic and stick it in the centre of the pot, and voila, your edible flower pot arrangement. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA And it looks like we just keep going back in time, doesn’t it?  This seems to me to be our 2nd spring in TN, maybe 2008?  Our dear tulip tree in the background (I named Christina Rossetti) looks so very young here, as do my children.  We bought medium sized clay pots to paint a scene on for the first day of spring (and you guessed it, it looks like the form of a man–and probably a sword to follow–are in the works for the boy.) I can’t get enough of the sweetness of these years and the Charlotte Mason lifestyle we enjoyed living, with many of our days spent outdoors. Image Description Image Description Here are the finished products the young’uns created for our back porch steps.  I’m thinking of pulling out this idea again this year for our new abode up here in the great white north–though I’m most certain it will be well into May before we can put our pots outside without frost killing them.  But I promise to let you see, and maybe you will notice a change in what the boy paints this time. Image Description

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