The Monday Make (Grandma’s Scones), and Five Days of Partying


Mondays can go in one of two directions, depending on how well planned we are for starting the week.  To keep some consistency laid out for the beginning of each week, I’ve added the Monday Make as part of our routine to kick start the week of snacks off better.  I find when there are snacks made and available in the house for those in-between meal hours, then everyone stays content (for the most part).  So, new to the blog will be our weekly Monday Make to share snack recipes with you for your home school break time. And I always welcome suggestions so forward your own recipes and we’ll add them to our baking sessions and post them, making sure we give credit where it’s due. 2015-02-02 16.03.24 For this Monday’s Make I thought I’d include my mum’s famous (and easy) scone recipe.  I’ve been whipping these up so often of late, and I realize I’ve talked them up a few times on the blog so it’s high time I shared the recipe!  They’re a big hit with clotted cream and jam or lemon curd. I didn’t get around to taking a close up of them on the stand before we all started devouring them so I’ve a cheat photo in here from a few weeks ago when I made them for the next door neighbour.  Such a photographer am I that I didn’t think to remove the price tags on the jam and curd lids. Oh well. I’m sure you’ll overlook that, right? 2015-02-02 16.02.51 2015-02-14 15.21.17 Well our intended twenty-six for Valentine’s Tea went down to eighteen, thirteen of those being children.  So, our abode didn’t seem quite so small after all.  Like all parties one throws, it seems to come on quickly and be over just as fast. We had two separate games of pass the present, one for the younger girls (drawing markers) and one for the teen girls (chocolate, of course).  And truth be told, I even had a present to pass around the ladies, but since there were fewer than I expected, and since they were all sitting too far apart to reach over and pass something, and since I know I always hated playing games at bridal and baby showers, and since I also realized a few of them liked coffee a ton more than tea, and since my gift was a substantial sized box of Yorkshire Gold tea, and since I selfishly really like Yorkshire Gold tea (ha!), the game never came to pass. passpresent 2015-02-14 15.16.09 I successfully made Liz’s famous fondant cookies (from last week’s Monday Make post), of which the girls pressed in shapes and added balls and heart sprinkles.  The young’un in our abode now has a new pal she’s anxious to get together with for more play time. 2015-02-14 15.38.15 I employed a stronger arm  and gracious participant for kneading the fondant for us. And I couldn’t resist the picture because of the fondant colour and the sweater.  She was meant for the job, was she not? 2015-02-14 15.26.07 2015-02-14 15.42.10 2015-02-14 17.48.27 We had a surprise Valentine’s gift (and so prettily wrapped) in the mail box right on time for the occasion, with Lemony Rooibos Tea right from Galway (just press on the link to get to the site you can order from), and a post card from the Cliffs of Moher to make us drool and dream of travel to the land of my roots.  This was just the thing to end a busy weekend, and five days of visiting and entertainment.  Hard to even describe properly how mellow, soothing, and tasteful this tea is. irishtea And because so much of our visiting this week was for Lovey, I’ll show you the wall of well wishes for Lovey’s recovery. 2015-02-14 17.35.15 As you can see, I’m not used to entertaining for five straight days in a row. I never nap mid-day.  All worth it though.  I thought the string of visiting not only would help Lovey during recovery to have lots of people around her to keep her busy in her housebound state, but it’s also just a nice way to make the February blahs move much faster by planning a ton of guests popping in here and there.  Hubby thinks we’ve switched roles later in life, with me becoming more of the social butterfly in my old age.  These five days straight of visiting, however, seems to have been my limit.  I’m sensing a lot of Activated Charcoal, Vitamin C crystals, and Grapefruit Seed Extract are needed in wild doses now that the parties are over. 2015-02-13 10.51.56

Grandma’s Famous Scones:

3 C flour

2 Tbsp baking soda


3 tsp Cream of Tartar

3 Tbsp sugar (handful of raisins…*optional* I don’t like raisins)

–Mix the above together Rub 1/2 C margarine/shortening into the above ingredients (like breadcrumbs)

Add 2 C buttermilk (don’t use any other kind of milk. This will give you the best results)

Toss onto a floured surface and knead a bit into the flour

Cut in rounds with your choice of cutter or drinking glass and bake 400 F for 18-20 mins.

(*A tip:  If you add too much buttermilk, just bake in a pan and slice it like a bannock.)

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