Heart hair for Valentine’s Day and a visit to the Manor

If you’re looking for a cute way to dress-up for Valentine’s Day this weekend, especially for your little girls, be sure to check out this link to help you create Heart Hair-dos.  This isn’t the tutorial we followed.  I couldn’t find the one we used a few years back, but there are oodles to choose from on YouTube so just type in heart hair dos and find one you’re happy with for your girls. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA I did this one year down south for the special day and the girls just loved it! All mine consisted of was making a high pony-tail, opening a cavity in it and flipping the hair up through it, parting it into two pieces, then braiding each side, and securing with another elastic and then a bow at the bottom. I’m not a fan of doing hair every day (as most of my friends who see me a lot can attest to), so believe me when I say this is an easy route heart hair-do to follow. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA We used to visit a sweet Assisted Living Manor down south where a few families gathered to play music, sing, recite poems or scripture, and then visit with the residents afterwards.  We cherished this last Monday of each month, getting loved on by the dear ones who came to encourage the little ones in their music playing and performing.  For Valentine’s Day we decided to wrap up some melt in your mouth Lindt chocolates for each resident with cellophane and a heart shaped scripture message, declaring,  “Love one another deeply from the heart (I Peter 1:22b). SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Our boy with his retired dentist friend, Mr. G. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Our eldest with her fellow whisperer, Mrs S. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Mrs B. thought the girl with the long flaxen hair rather like a sunbeam. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Our littlest love with her kindred spirit friend, Mrs H. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA And me, with Ms M.B. our bookworm of a friend, and bubbly Mrs G., wife to the dentist above. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Hope y’all find a happening heart hair-do to sport and, more importantly, some dear ones to love on this Valentine’s Day!

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