The First Week

Monday:  Leisure latkes, a coffee treat AND Raspberry Thumbprints for snack 2015-01-05 09.10.54 2015-01-05 09.15.55 2015-01-05 09.12.22 2015-01-05 09.12.14 2015-01-05 15.27.03 2015-01-05 15.49.59 2015-01-05 15.53.33 2015-01-05 17.04.52 2015-01-05 17.06.58 A good start to the first day back at the school routine you may think from these happy pictures.  It was, however, a proven stressful morning in the Arenburg abode, likely stewed to perfection with one too many expectations for beginning our New Year school routine after a long and very leisurely retreat from the real world.  Those Raspberry Thumbprints, however,  sure did help my deep sighs over my tea for the afternoon break time.  Could it have been the coffee I allowed for the big breakfast treat alongside our once a year Latkes (yes only once a year….because I DESPISE grating that many potatoes!)? Why so many meltdowns? Someone’s new chore cards fell off the ring they were attached to, bringing on tears, which really meant, “chore cards? waaaa-waaaa.”  Another couldn’t muster the smile to work on their dreaded program with me.  And yet another just wasn’t having a good hair day, which was the funniest of them all.  I mean where were we going? It was us, just us staring back at that hair all day, and we were all fine with it.


Tuesday:  Swimming lessons at the Y 2015-01-06 13.59.46 Day two and getting better.  Though I was bound and determined we were waking earlier on this day, it still didn’t happen.  But chore cards stayed in place, attitudes improved greatly (with better incentives of course), and hair wasn’t even an issue.  Swimming lessons and free swim time after with friends was a bonus afternoon out, ending with a trip likely to spark much discussion among y’all on my contradictory lifestyle, first stopping at Goodness Me health food store promptly followed by a stop at McDonald’s for a snack…because swimming makes one really hungry for stuff like that.




Well this was supposed to include a hospital appointment for one of the children, and Bible Quizzing to end the day, but my wimpy thin-blooded re-entry to Canada, and snow, left me biting nails over having to drive dear hubby to the train station and back again on icy roads that morning (knowing full well they’d be fine by the afternoon, but nonetheless scared for the morning drive).  So it ended up a quiet home day and a full school routine.  And a rather nice one at that, especially since it didn’t mean venturing out anywhere in the -30 C temps for that day!



2015-01-07 10.33.27 Another full academic day (and some quiet time inside boxes), followed by a chilling visit (yes, the temps weren’t much better) visit to the physiotherapist.  I didn’t come close to even wanting to pull the cellphone out for a pic of that run from the parking lot to the hospital doors while pushing a wheelchair.  All I remember is I couldn’t feel my nose for quite some time that followed.



2014-11-21 10.22.20  

Ah, Friday.  My favourite day of the school week.  I used to do poetry study and composer study on these mornings followed by afternoon house cleaning and usually a good pot of tea.  Nowadays I still deem Friday as one that has to look different than the rest of the week, so we’ve chosen our science and nature study to happen on these mornings (though I can’t say I’m all that thrilled with grade 8 science).  My afternoon was a quick trip to drop off one at an appointment and back again for read-alouds with the other three.  A good ending to what began as a tantrum kind of week (me included in that).



2015-01-10 13.42.08

And though I was dreading heading out again in the cold on Saturday to attend a Bible Quiz Meet a few cities over, I was pleased with the outcome for my eldest who hasn’t had opportunity so far to attend one. She loved it! And being a rookie quizzer she even made it to the top 12 rookies that day.  So, I better buck up and dry my eyes over the ice and snow and make sure I get to quizzing practice next week!

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