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So the nature of our year and how it’s gone has really done some great things in leaving us more laid back than we used to think we were.  I limited Advent activities this year to one set of friends over for the first Sunday, a morning and evening read aloud (that sometimes ended up doubled, or not done at all), some lighting of candles, and our toilet paper Mary and Joseph still travelling the house (and will be arriving at the barn tonight).  The Christmas tree with the middle set of lights that burnt out wasn’t even an issue for me.

A friend asked me last night if I was busy wrapping gifts.  I felt a bit funny having to say “no,” but all the same, it felt relaxing just living quietly this season, having done the gift giving at St. Nicholas Day, even the one bigger gift we normally reserve for Christmas Eve.

And to start our morning off today, Hubby and I took a date into town for breakfast.  Without the kids you say? On Christmas Eve?  Yes.  Given the number of dates we’ve done this year, we decided it was high time to linger over coffee and eggs together, Christmas Eve or not.  And the house was none too sparse for breakfast items for the grown-up kiddos to choose from. I almost entitled this blog entry as the “toilet seat date” since returning the toilet seat we just bought was on the agenda for the date morning, but alas hubby didn’t bring it along so I couldn’t use the great title and be able to say, “made you look.”

And isn’t it always the dive of a place in town that you know will make a wicked steak and egg dish or gargantuan cheese omlette and home fries?  We’ve passed this Char-broiled, dated looking restaurant over and over again on our ventures up and down the little town shopping in Dundas.  Today was the day to make ourselves really local and join the others “in the know” of good eats for breakfast. My only regret…not taking a pic of those massive meals! My husband laughed aloud when I  relayed my woe of the missing breakfast shot, responding with, “wow, you really are a blogger!”

We tried a selfie shot with a neat building in the background that used to house the British Shop but is now a Sweet Shop and cafe, but seems the hands weren’t used to this kind of photo taking so we’re a bit on the blurry side.  After leisurely poking around a few wee shops (the organic market being one of the more picturesque of shops in town), we left for home with a set of cute Christmas village serviettes for our daddy dinner this evening.

Daddy will be serving up his infamous whipped potatoes in skins he makes every Christmas Eve (recipe below).  Then it’s the Nativity movie as the post dinner feature.

The late afternoon brought a pleasant walk to the end of the street with two thirds of the family in rather spring like weather and temperatures (no need for my  head band, really, I’m just used to putting it on in winter).  Deer peeked out at us in curiosity and fear from behind the trees.  As we neared home again they had made their way to the play structure across the street to frolic for the evening, a nightly ritual we see them do.  The cellphone, however, wouldn’t have focused as far as I needed it to for a great pic of this, sorry to say.

It’s been quiet. It’s been slow, and very steady.  A gentle Advent; One without pressure and expectation. One where the focus actually soaked in a bit more than usual, despite my lack of activities to impress the meaning of it on everyone’s heart.  Funny how it can happen despite me.  I’m hoping to be this laid back next year. So if you don’t hear from me on Christmas Eve, you’ll know why.

Our Merry Christmas goes out to all of you celebrating the birth of our Saviour; grace come down to be among us.


Daddy’s Whipped Potatoes in skins

One potato for each person present

green onions

sour cream

bacon bits



Cooking Instructions:

Place potatoes whole on a baking sheet in foil at 350 F.  When soft, cut in half, remove insides.  Whip the potato flesh with sour cream and butter.  Scoop back into the skins.  Top with grated cheese, bacon bits, and green onions. Bake until cheese is melted. Yum!

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