Gingerbread fun and St Nicholas Day 2014

2014-12-05 10.58.43 2014-12-05 11.00.50 2014-12-05 13.53.24

2014-12-05 13.49.47

2014-12-05 13.52.09 2014-12-05 14.26.31 2014-12-05 16.39.27 IMG_0005 2014-12-05 23.07.19 2014-12-06 15.05.46 SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA We started our St Nicholas festivities on December 5th, inviting friends to help decorate a gingerbread house and men and women gingerbread people.  I think we sent “cute curls” home on a sugar high, just in time to re-do it all at another party that evening. Sorry mama.

We then set to work hauling out the Christmas decorations from our not so orderly basement, still in the throws of a moving- in state.  Of course the tree stand was the most important object we were aiming to find, and of course was the one thing we came up scratching our heads over.  I say this over and over again in our household, and I do believe the family is tiring of it, but honestly, “how can we lose things so often when we live in such a small space??!!!”

I have become even more of a minimalist when it comes to decorations at Christmas.  Our cottage-like abode doesn’t lend itself to much clutter before erruption level occurs (and yes, I mean that on an emotional scale as much as on a visual scale.) I set a few things out and promptly packed them away again.  I love the lights of the tree and a few simple ornaments to give the room a cozy, warm feel, so that will do it for me this year in our humble dwellings.

After late night wrapping, and, again, a once, twice, thrice over to try and find that gift I thought I put on top of the bookcase (see what I mean?!),  the stockings were laid nicely under the tree for our four charges. The spouse awoke with a “what day is it?” and upon hearing “Saturday,” nestled back into bed with, “oh good.”  It wasn’t long though before he realized it was,  yes, Saturday, but Saturday and St. Nicholas Day. The children are growing up on us, none so anxious to get to that stocking and yank it all out at 6 a.m anymore.  The boy even out slept his father this morning.  We had a leisurely stocking un-stuffing  time followed by a cheesy scrambled egg break-y.

The afternoon held a trip to the grocery store for some food items and then a drop off at the Ronald McDonald House, a life-saving, burden lifting kind of residence for those out of city residents with children in hospital. Can’t say enough good things about this place, having lived there ourselves for two and a half months last year.

The eve is now coming to a close with varied activities: lounging, reading, mint tea, a movie, and some card writing. Another day in the life of celebrations has ended.

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