Dundas Day



2014-12-03 22.34.54

I took my birthday off and headed into Dundas for a morning of little town shopping. It was grey and a bit gloomy looking but I’d say the temperature was satisfying for this time of year, maybe, let’s say, +1 C (that’s for those of you who’ve seen the Rick Mercer seven day Canadian forecast spoof).

I started out in the town’s organic market store, pretty much only window shopping the shelves (cha-ching), but I did come away with a too irresistable lemon curd.  Next door to this market is the health food store where I seem to only be able to find one of my favourite winter teas, Four O’Clock’s Banana Cinnamon.  With a teaspoon of honey to bring the flavour to the top this has become my put your feet up aromatherapy kind of afternoon tea (but no, I don’t usually have time for the put the feet up bit).

Strawberry Field’s store with all it’s packed in trinkets and giftware’s and one-of-a-kind cards was my next across the street destination. There’s a lovely older woman (I’m still trying to think how else to put that) who runs the store and chats up the customers in rather down south fashion that I’ve been missing in retail up here. I quite enjoyed her take on calendar artists these days and how inconsistent they are, not committing to putting out a new one each year. She was so love-able you just wanted to invite her back for tea, or two doors over to Taylor’s Tea House.

It did cross my mind to sneak in there and plant myself for a bit to enjoy a melt in your mouth kind of scone and a small pot of tea, especially since I could see the two seats in the front window overlooking the street and all it’s goings-on, was free for the taking. But the clock tower told me I better think twice and get to that kitchen shop I’d been wanting to peruse before heading back.

And this is where I found my birthday gift: The London Pottery tea pot. And it’s green, just like my wild green wall. And didn’t a good friend show up right before special tea at three time with a box full of scones from a Dundas bakery, and a tin of tea for us to enjoy? Too bad we were heading out right then to an appointment!  But I’m sure you’ll know tomorrow’s tea time will be grand.

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