My Very Last First Time







Ever had one of those revelations AFTER you’ve completed the said task? It wasn’t until I had bought the ingredients, hauled out everything from the pantry to the counter, and finally fished out that recipe that looked and sounded so good, that I realized in my beginning stages of making the “afternoon snack”, that it would be 26 hours to actually make our “afternoon snack.” Needless to say, store bought cookies were on the menu for that particular day as snack, but since I’d started the task, had all the ingredients, and meant fully to finish what I started (so I could write, “good” at least on the recipe before filing it…yes, I do this obsessive act), I forged ahead determined to produce our home-made-health for next day’s tea time.

So, you say, why are you posting this recipe if it’s so tedious and you’ll most likely never make it again? Well, because I just know some of you will.  It really wasn’t bad in the end taste-wise, just time-wise.  If you’re a faithful dehydrating mama/papa, you’ll be into this recipe. And I think many of you will be as excited as I was by the title, Apricot Almond Energy Bars (click on the recipe title in green for the cooking instructions). Isn’t that a great title? Doesn’t it make you want to make them? Think of it! Energy for the day, and from such great foods as apricots and almonds!

I couldn’t help but think of a very Canadian children’s book we read often in our household when the children were wee  called, as my blog post title goes, Very Last First Time” The story has an Inuit girl, Eva Padlyat, from Ungava Bay, learning to venture out alone to collect mussels on the bottom of the sea when the tide was out.  She climbs  under the thick ice to walk the seabed. She wanders a bit too far exploring with her one candle not realizing it’s almost time for the tide to come in again until she starts to hear the whoosh and roar coming closer. Her candle drops and sputters out and she is left, alone in the dark. She takes hold of her panic and and fear and finds her way back to the hole in the ice where the light and her mother are waiting.  She exclaims to her mother, “that was my very last first time–for walking alone on the bottom of the sea.”

Ok, so I didn’t experience panic and fear, and the lights in the house worked perfectly fine while cooking this, but I agree wholeheartedly that this baking, or rather, dehydrating, was my very last first time making Apricot Almond Energy bars. I mean, did you see that pile of dishes??


p.s. (Are any of you wondering about the magnifying glass in the pics yet? Yes, it’s time. I finally had an eye test and will be getting reading glasses in the next few weeks.)

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