Nature lessons then and now

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Thought I’d start with a trip down memory lane. Where does the time go? Here we are on a hike in the Smoky Mountains of TN. I was so nostalgic for those days when I came across a stack of pics from our down-south-days. I just had to throw in this TN nature walk alongside our here and now nature walk since we are on-going nature learners and lovers.

Now that we’re north of the border, we’ve new places to explore for nature study. Southern Ontario is gifted with some amazing natural areas to walk the trails on. This particular one has the old rail trail to walk, run, cycle, or ride your horse along. It’s highly convenient for us since we are in need of a flat surface with having the wheelchair accompanying us on our trips these days. A total of 40 km of trails can be found throughout the picturesque grounds, and one can even hike or cycle all the way from Dundas to Brantford, ON or Paris, ON if they wish. I’m longing for one of those old-fashioned (or retro is the current word, I believe) bicycles with the high handles and wicker basket on the front, to ride the rail trail with my boy some day. I’ve a picture in my head of egg salad sandwiches, a flask of tea, and brownies to finish off the lunch, all packed nicely into my back-in-time bicycle.




While there,  we decided to bring our latest nature read since the day was so perfect (and again…we’re always waiting…waiting for the cold front to appear and last six months) so we thought we’d make the most of doing school outside while we still can. Right now I’m reading aloud to the children one of Jean Craighead George’s Seasons series, Autumn Moon. It spans September, October, and November, covering the white-tailed deer, the alligator, and the gray wolf. What better place to be reading about the white-tailed deer than here in their very own habitat. Thankful it worked out that we actually saw some that day to bring the reading to life (though forgive the blurry cropped pic of the deer…again…only a cellphone)

And no, that isn’t a real train chasing the boy down. The trail Centre has part of the real railway still intact and the station turned Nature Centre is alongside it.







There’s a lot to be said for living your life outside.  Walking works!

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