Last Minute Hike


Have any of you had the privilege of owning an entire conservation area to yourselves for your afternoon walk?!! Okay, we passed two others, and spotted a few people down by the water fishing, but other than that we truly were alone. What a treat to feel like we owned a Conservation Area one day last week.  We did a spontaneous outing for an afternoon, landing ourselves at a conservation area we used to frequent more when the children were younger. My past memories of this place include camping with my siblings and their children when all the kiddos were just wee (pictured below). The memory that stands out the greatest while camping was waking all through the night for one of the twins sleeping (or better put: CRYING) on my side of the trailer, and then whipping clothing over at dear hubby in the a.m. when he exclaimed, “that was a great sleep!”

Scan 1

Scan 2




Fortunately, we’ve created a few more memories now that didn’t involve tears or shoes flying.  We crossed the boardwalk over the water with the Winnie-the-Pooh kind of blustery day whipping our hair and bodies about as we trekked to the other side.


Once there, we settled into the warmth of the sun for our hike. We came across the tall pines wood that we so well remember playing in with some dear friends years ago, again, when the children were all baby-faced and learning the gentle art of living in the great outdoors. I wondered would they romp and play this day as they did those years ago, or would this be a grown-up kind of hike. To  my delight (because I so love hanging on to everyone remaining a child), when they saw the tall pines wood, they were off and running, asking to stay longer, to stay longer. Imaginations soared in their uninhibited world of play in our very own tall pine wood.






With pine needles as my path, I walked, remembering the old days and the fun we had there. I basked in the sunshine at a picnic bench, face upturned to the warmth (along with one of my joyful ones, pictured above). I could hear the chickadees around me, busily finding seeds within the cones on the trees. A dragon fly I think I’ve identified correctly as a male yellow-legged meadowhawk shared my table several times, just asking for a photo to be taken.


We collected some pine cones and acorns to make autumn pine cone dolls, and finished our hike racing over the bridge through the topsy turvy wind.




I wasn’t sure I was quite ready to let go of owning this place for a day, but alas, this good thing had to come to an end. And what a memory has trailed home with us for it.

One thought on “Last Minute Hike

  1. Sounds like you had a very nice adventure. Beautiful pictures. Don’t know if you are willing to share where this conservation area is as it might no longer be “yours”, but if you are willing to share it could you let me know where it is? Looks like a nice place! Those spontaneous last minute decisions are the best……. We did the same thing last weekend with the kids packing up spontaneous; going on hikes and staying in a motel in Collingwood marveling at all the amazing fall colours. We all loved it and many memories were made as well!!!


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