To Market, To Market….





My favourite time of the year.  I love seeing the distant fields of orange as I drive along the escarpment road heading down into our town.  There are two markets within 5 minutes of each other for us to enjoy. I would have to say autumn in Ontario makes for glorious photo opps.

Had the chance to get out recently for some one-on-one mama time for a heart-to-heart coffee break at one of these markets.  Cafe lattes and enormous cheese scones (or gargantuan sized bowls of apple crisp–my friend’s choice), made for the soul filling, and appetite kind of filling we were on the look-out for with our visit together. It sure was chilly that day, but there’s nothing like the warmth of friendship and conversation to brew joy.

My only regret…I forgot the photo opp of us brewing that joy together! Must have been savouring sentences too much to worry about the camera.

2 thoughts on “To Market, To Market….

  1. Hmmmm, that sounds very familiar!!! It sure was a wonderful time!!! I treasure those times with you so much. Bring your camera the next time we get together and we’ll repeat a wonderful visit!! Love you!!


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