Niagara Falls









Told you the kiddos would be re-discovering their home and native land.  What better tourist-y way to do it than visiting Niagara Falls!

Couldn’t resist the day trip to the Falls, not only because it was a perfect 25C (though the “feels like” forecast was 31C), but also because there are always less crowds when school is up and running again on a weekday.

We parked in a FREE (notice I am enjoying all things free these days?) parking lot with not too far of a hop, skip, and a jump to the main Falls site. Yes, friends, we know the secret to not having to pay the $15 flat rate for parking along the Falls route. If you want in on the secret, keep driving the parkway past the Falls, past the historic 1906 Generating station, until you come to, I believe it’s called Dufferin Island Nature Park on the right-hand side.


All free parking area down there, and really, not a far jaunt to the main look-out centre of the Falls. If you’ve ever driven the route for Niagara’s annual Christmas light up the night, you’ll have driven through this nature park for it. But beware of the aggressive gulls and Canadian geese, unafraid to band together to swarm you and drive you out of the park quickly when they see you’ve nothing to give them in return for the free parking spot.

We didn’t mind the stroll along the raging river above the Falls, where the historic barge is wedged onto some rocks not far from the 1906 generating station.


The story goes that two men on what has became known as “the old scow”, were dredging up sandbanks not far up the Niagara river, near the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side, when it broke loose  while being towed back to shore. The two men aboard opened the bottom of the scow, releasing the contents of sand and silt and allowing the boat to catch on rock shoals. After a 17 hour rescue attempt, with the help of a buoy line they were able to finally make it across to the Power Company to safety.



Who says we didn’t cover history today?

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