Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


















I think the pics say it all.  So grateful to be celebrating Thanksgiving together with the family. As I’ve said to many already, this is monumental for me to be able to host Thanksgiving this year. Many of you know our story, our journey. This time last year I couldn’t have dreamed of a place to call our own,  or even wellness for our dear one.

The cousins all enjoyed a round of my famous meat grabber game (featured in my last post as well!), and even decided to shed the blindfold and just whack away freely at everyone who came near the meat.   The little ones, as you can see, spent most of the afternoon jumping off the deck into the pile of leaves (of which my little one has creaky knees today for it). Grandma enjoyed herself on deck just watching her 9 grandchildren whacking away at each other and just plain enjoying one another’s company in the fresh air and sunshine.

After stuffing ourselves with turkey and yummy veggie dishes (hoping to post some of those recipes for y’all later!), we headed to the fire pit for one of hubby’s grand finale kind of fires. For a few minutes I wondered if it was, indeed, the grand finale of the property (and particularly the walnut tree towering above the flames). Was a wonderful time all round. And if you can see well enough in the distance of my last fire pic (I’ve only got a cellphone to work with for pics, so my apologies), you will see my boy atop the loft enjoying the view of the fire from above.

Grateful. Thankful. Eucharisteo. Joy.

One thought on “Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  1. Hi Barb, It looks like you had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend. What a blessing to have all the family together celebrating!! So happy for you. Nice family pictures. Looks like you have an awesome property!! Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Margriet


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