Thanksgiving crafts and game day














Friday marked the beginning of the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. To celebrate we had friends over to play some old fashioned games: the Game of Graces, Hoop and Stick, bow and arrows, and a funny one called Meat Grabber. In Meat Grabber, there are strips of pretend meat (pieces of fabric) drying on a line. One person is blind-folded and holds a whacker (newspaper) while the other players try to sneak up and grab the meat off the line without being whacked. The one who gets hit is the next one blind-folded. Found this game idea in the great book Canada’s Natives Long Ago by Donna Ward.






The boys then made “wolf scares”, also known as “bull roarers.”  Very easy craft to put together if you’re looking for simple and fun.  Use a wooden paint stick (make sure it has a hole in one end, or drill one in). Paint it and add a leather/suede tie at the end and swing it as hard as you can. Our first attempt at this brought no sound, so don’t give up with it. We found it didn’t exactly work the best swinging it over the head so changed up to swinging it at one’s side and it produced a pretty eerie sound…exactly what we all need to scare the wolves away…or at least that naughty American tree squirrel who keeps ripping off vents on the roof and dropping nuts down into our attic. There’s a great little book we got our hands on at the library for most of these crafts by Kids Can Press called Native Crafts: Inspired by North America’s First People by Maxine Trottier.



I had big plans for the girls to make the beaded bracelets from the same book mentioned above, but lo’ and behold I did not have enough of the right sized needles to work with (and you needed 3 needles per person to do this craft), so they fashioned their own designs, and left it a much more stress-free craft session all round.




And for the little one (isn’t she a cutie?!), she fashioned her own very creative designer necklace. And I was most insistent that my tissue paper flower (you know the kind we all did as kids with the pencil and glue?) get done before the little one left. I realized I made the sunflower a tad too big for the attention of a three year old, so I studiously finished the project alongside her. Ah, memories of my own tissue paper design my own mama still has (I think!) among her Christmas decorations.




Apple cider was a must on this gorgeous autumn day, and I’m happy to say the snack I haven’t made in years (and only because I have too many recipes that I forget about) was a hit, which is a big feat considering there were 8 children’s palettes to please. I’ll share the recipe below (thank you Kim…still have the index card with this one in your hand-writing)


Dough Drop Cookies:

1 1/4 C Olive oil

4 eggs

4 tsp vanilla

1 C honey (liquid)

Mix all of the above together, then add:

3 C quick oats

1 C oat bran

2 C  whole wheat flour (hard)

2 C whole wheat soft flour (or white)

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt (opt)

1 tsp allspice

2 tsp cinammon

Mix above thoroughly to liquid ingredients and add:

1 C walnuts

1 C raisins(optional…we are not fan of raisins here)

Bake at 350 F for 8-10 mins until edges are just browned.


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving crafts and game day

  1. He Barb, nice pictures!!! The stick that your Thanksgiving welcome flag is hanging on looks very familiar……… Happy thanksgiving!! Great blog! Love Margriet


  2. Thanks for sharing the cookie recipe! I just made them and changed them a little to meet my needs. They are delicious and taste a bit like a funnel cake. Will definitely be making this again! 🙂


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