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We signed up for a homeschool sport’s club that runs every Thursday afternoon from 1:30-3:30 for 8 weeks long on a fabulous piece of country property. AND the best part is IT’S ONLY 15 MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE!!!

One of the things most homeschoolers end up just getting used to is having to drive a lot, and far.   So this was a bonus perk to find out just how close we lived to this wonderful opportunity for two of the children.

The majority of the children in the group had never learned the rules of baseball–and one of mine was even terrified at the thought of trying it–so it was decided that an easier approach would be to teach them all kickball (same rules as baseball, just with a soccer ball).  After a few weeks of this, even my youngest relaxed a bit and enjoyed herself in an organized sport’s game.

Last week’s session was on European handball. I’ve never seen this game played, and quite enjoyed figuring out the rules as I observed both teams racing towards one another to grab the ball in the centre of the field.  Wasn’t so lucky for two opposing team players who knocked heads in this straight-on-collision-race for the ball.

So pleased to be part of this lovely group of children, all encouraging and positive.  No name calling or sour faces when the little four year olds are assigned to their team. And cheers to the few teen homeschoolers present who join in the games too, and make for wonderful role models for the younger players. They deserve the good sportsmanship badges.

And us mothers? We get to either join in the fun (kickball was indeed a lot of fun!), or enjoy one another’s company on the side lines or patio.

The afternoon ends with a crowd of children running to the tree fort way out back of the property, the little ones loitering around picking and eating raspberries or playing under the apple tree.  The horses on the neighboring farm sometimes visit, and hope to find one of us with an apple in hand.  And there’s the long line of laundry flapping in the breeze out by the barn, under the brilliant blue October sky.

Couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Thursday afternoons.

One thought on “Sport’s Club

  1. Oh my goodness, Barbara; what a charming account! You’ve made me miss those home school days. I would have thought that an impossibility a few years ago when I’d run out of steam when our youngest started high school. God bless you and yours. Marjorie


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