Three Sister Soup

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I know. It sounds very Macbeth-ish, doesn’t it? Really, this is just a tag-along to my first post:  Our Visit to Crawford Lake Iroquois Village.  I’m sure I’ll get more organized and post things where they should be as I get used to this blogging thing.  I just didn’t want to pass up the chance to post a recipe (and get to add a new category to my side bar! What fun!)

Seeing as corn, bean, and squash were known to be staples in the Iroquois households (a.k.a. longhouses), we decided to throw this recipe into the crockpot that day of our visit to the village (I’m really not always that ‘together’) and enjoy some of the past in the present when we arrived home for din din that night.  The Iroquois sure were on to something, having their beans grow up the cornstalks, and planting squash to cover the ground to help with the nasty weed growth.

Oh, and since we’re on the topic of three sisters (and how very convenient that I have three sisters to display here for you), and I’ve also made mention of Macbeth, here’s a side-splitting good read for your early years Shakespeare introduction (minus a few creepy, unnecessary reads at the end of the book):


Have any of you ever read Allan Burnett’s British series of hilarious history? These books are what did it for the boy in the fam.  Of course, I too, was skeptical of fluffy literature (being a huge Charlotte Mason fan, and all that) or silly history books, but ended up coming to love (and quite often guffawed profusely) this author’s style, and his ability to reproduce facts with such knee-slapping humour, and illustrations (by Scoular Anderson).  The books are etched in my mind now so as not to be forgotten (and more importantly, in the boy’s mind). If you’re interested, check out his other ones, Mary Queen of Scots And All That, Robert the Bruce And All That,  William Wallace and All That, Columba and All That, Bonnie Prince Charlie and All That (did this one too), and Rob Roy and All That (another one we did). Was worth it to hook the not so excited ones into history lessons. You can find them on Amazon here

But you absolutely MUST NOT forget your Scottish accent when reading the thinking bubbles aloud to your dear ones. Works like a charm. OOOOhhhh–that’s very Macbeth-ish again, isn’t it?


Three Sister Soup

2 Cups corn kernels

2 Cups green beans, chopped

2 Cups butternut squash, peeled and cubed

1 1/2 Cups uncooked potatoes, diced and peeled

5 Cups chicken broth

1/8 tsp table salt

1/8 tsp black pepper

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