Visiting Crawford Lake









We’ve opened our new school year with Canadian Studies as our focus for history.  Though I’ve covered this before, it was when the children were much younger, and it’s generally on the typical curriculum for grade 8 in Ontario, so it fits in nicely with the twins in that grade this year.

We had opportunity to tour St. Marie-Among-the-Hurons up in Midland, ON over the summer (but sadly, not one of us brought a camera or had a charged phone on hand!) To continue our studies of Canada’s first people, we recently toured Crawford Lake Iroquois Village with some friends.  It’s a reconstructed 15th Century Iroquoian Village built right over top of the original longhouses.  Between 1973 and 1987 the excavations uncovered 11 longhouses (a small-ish village for the Iroquois) and some artefacts.  The neatest part of the trip was the walk down to Meromictic Lake. Has anyone heard the word meromictic before? A new one for us.  Basically it means layers of water that don’t mix.  The lake’s basin is deeper than it’s surface area, which makes the lowest levels of the water undisturbed.  This means there’s little oxygen. The layers of sediment that built up over time are preserved under there.  It is because of this lake, and what they found in it, that they realized there must have been an Indian village nearby.

Though we had a series of fine, couldn’t-be-better, glorious, sunshine-y, warm days in September, this particular one was rather on the cooler side.  But c’est la vie. Buck up, and get used to it, Barbara.  You’re in Canada again!

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